FREESPIN™ IN-LINE TURBOEXPANDER for Natural Gas and Hydrogen Applications

Sapphire Technologies’ FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpander (FIT) provides a way to capture the energy lost in pressure reduction. The FIT generator extracts kinetic energy from the pressure reduction and allows for the generation of electricity with no added pollution.

The FIT consists of a high-performance, high-speed permanent magnet generator with an integrated radial in-flow expansion turbine and low loss active magnetic bearings (AMBs). The FIT is designed to have the process gas flow through the system, which cools the generator section and eliminates the need for auxiliary cooling equipment. The power electronics for FIT combine the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and Magnetic Bearing Controller (MBC) into one cabinet. The VSD allows for a consistent and clean delivery of generated power from the FIT to the grid.

Turboespansore per gas naturale

Turboespansore per gas naturale scheda

Scheda tecnica

Scheda tecnica KORODUR HB 5/60 rapido


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